Pompeii free admission update 2019

Pompeii has updated the free admission dates for this year . The new schedule of dates differs from the other major sites.

  • Il sito sarĂ  aperto gratuitamente tutte le prime domeniche del mese da ottobre a marzo e nelle seguenti date:
    30 marzo
    25 aprile
    8 maggio
    8 giugno
    24 ottobre
    24 dicembre
    26 dicembre
    31 dicembre

Which translates to

First Sunday of the month from October up to and including March. Plus

March 30th

April 25th

May 8th

8th of June

24th of October

24th of December

26th of December

31st of December


That’s a total of fourteen days more than the old schedule. But you’ll notice almost a third of those dates are during the month of December when daylight hours are in short supply.


The dates make taking advantage of the free dates more challenging.  If you are traveling to Italy this autumn the first Sundays of the months might be interesting but you will be risking autumn rains.