Month: March 2018

Venice holidays

Venice holidays Planning your Venice holidays should be no less fun then the trip itself. Fortunately Venice is one of the easier cities to plan for. The city is small and pedestrian friendly. The combination means that no matter which corner of the city you choose to sleep in you will be able to visit the rest of the city. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a few things into consideration. Venice is a city not just of canals but of bridges. If you have over packed each and every bridge will be a challenge. Dragging your suitcase even if...

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Long holiday planning

Long trip planning Long trips sound exciting and they are but they can also have unforeseen problems.  Many of the problems can be avoided if you take the time to think about your long trip planning. Some things are obvious. Who will water the plants? Who will pick up the mail? Others you may only trip over by accident. It’s these accidents that you will want to avoid. Bill Calendar Unfortunately we all have bills to pay. If your bills are automatically paid you can mostly ignore this section. If on the other hand your bills need to be...

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Italian public holidays and how they can affect your trip

Italian public holidays Often tourists are caught unaware by local holidays when they travel. Tourists for obvious reasons travel when it’s convenient for them and not when the locals find it convenient. Some of the holidays you will find quite familiar. The New Year, Easter period and Christmas have basically the same dates worldwide. The other Italian public holidays (called bank holidays in the UK) are likely less familiar to you.  April 25th is Liberation Day. May 1st is the European labour day.  June 2nd is Republic day. August 15th is Ferragosto aka Assumption of Mary.  November 1st is all Saints...

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New Ryanair routes Italy

New Ryanair routes Italy Ryanair has announced new routes to and from Italy.  The added winter routes will make it easier for people trying to plan a pan European holiday. Also included are routes to Jordan. The thirty seven new ryanair routes italy Aeroporto Nuova rotta Milano BGY Amman Milano BGY Faro Milano BGY Tangeri Milano BGY Palma Milano MXP Kaunas Milano MXP Tenerife Roma CIA Aqaba Roma CIA Baden Baden Roma CIA Palma Bologna Amman Bologna Kaunas Bologna Alicante Bologna Manchester Bologna Porto Pisa Praga Pisa Danzica Palermo Colonia Palermo Valencia Catania Marrakech Aeroporto Nuova rotta Catania Siviglia...

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