Month: November 2017

Traveling with in Europe

If you aren’t from Europe there are two types of  European transportation you might not fully appreciate. Low cost airlines (AKA LCC or budget) and trains. On the surface the two are similar enough to what you’re used to. But they’re so much part of today’s travel in Europe that you really should understand what they provide and the potential pitfalls. This post will deal with budget airlines. A later posting will deal with the rail system. The three largest European budget airlines are Ryanair,Vueling (Part of the BA/Iberia family) and Easyjet. All three are best thought of as...

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Things to do and things not to do

Before you travel Travel can create anxieties. Will something happen? Have you forgotten something? What to do if something happens? What should you do before traveling? Many of these fears can be dealt with if you plan things out in advance. Start with the things you can do at home. Do you have the right ID to travel with? Is it valid for the duration of your trip? If your ID (Passport or other travel document) isn’t appropriate for your trip deal with it well in advance. Don’t leave this until the last moment. The next issue is money....

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Google Flights Beta

Google has released a beta version of Google flights. The new version can be found at The search tool allows you to search for one way,return or even multi city trips. Sort by price,flight duration or departure time. You can limit the search to different airlines or alliances. You can even save and track searches if you aren’t sure if the current price is the best. Saved search will show a price history to see if prices are climbing or falling. In addition to the obvious search tools there is a map option allowing you to click on cities. The map allows you to see any cheap cities from your selected departure airport.  Useful if you’re looking for a cheap weekend getaway and aren’t sure of which destination to pick.  Or if you want to compare nearby airports to see if they’re more convenient. The older classic version of the search tool is still available at You can compare the two versions yourself seeing which you like best...

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