Important changes

Regional train tickets

TrenItalia has changed how regional electronic (Web or app) tickets are validated. In the past there was no need to validate the ticket. This has changed . Failing to follow the new rules can lead to a fine and an unpleasant day.


In the past tickets were valid for the date and time selected. Under the new system up to the midnight BEFORE the date of the ticket you can change BOTH the date and time of the ticket. For example a ticket bought for July 1st up to 11.59pm June 30th can be changed to any future date and time.


In addition on the day of travel upto the time of departure you can change the time of the ticket. This means if you’re running late you can postpone your ride or if you’re ahead of schedule you can leave earlier.


Cons of the new system

On the other hand the new system introduces what TrenItalia calls a “checkin”. The requirement is BEFORE travel you’ll either need to access the app or log into the website and “checkin”. Failure to do this can lead to a fine.


If you aren’t registered with the website the email you received or the SMS is supposed to contain a link to check in.  But I would suggest getting both the app and registering with the website.


Failure to validate your bought ticket using the check in function can lead to a  fine of up to €200

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Italian regional train electronic ticket important changes
Italian regional train electronic ticket changes. The validation system for electronic tickets has changed.