Travel more

Resolve to travel more.

Travel slower

Resolve to spend real time in each location you visit. Don’t be a humming bird flitting between flowers never really taking the time to enjoy the garden. For many trips the cost of transport represents a significant portion of the total. The more you jump around the less you see while spending more.

Go off the beaten path

Resolve to be independent. Don’t be afraid to make a different choice. If your heart is calling you to go against the herd do it. Lead don’t follow.

Pack light

Resolve to downsize. The memories to avoid are those linked to overweight,oversized or just ungainly luggage.¬† The tortoise may carry it’s home on it’s back but the tortoise doesn’t have a bank card or a hotel to stay in.

Things are different

Resolve to embrace the differences when you travel. Don’t complain about missing your favorite TV channel or brand of shampoo. Seek out the differences and enjoy them.

Research at least a little

Resolve to spend at least a little bit of time getting to know your destination before leaving home. Learn some of the language. Learn the sites you intend to see.

Don’t overplan

Resolve to leave time in your schedule for the unexpected. Enjoy the moment.

Get out early and stay out late

Resolve to see the sights by first light and at sunset. You can sleep in at home in your own bed. Why travel to sleep late?

Meet the locals

Resolve to try and interact with the locals. Don’t go the usual restaurants full of tourists. Try and see what the residents enjoy. It is there city afterall.

Be spotaneous

Resolve to be decisive. Don’t waste¬† the year struggling to make a choice. Leap!






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