Ryanair baggage rules updated August 23rd 2018

Ryanair has announced some changes that will come into effect November 1st 2018. The changes may cause you problems so it’s best to understand them.

Priority passengers

For Ryanair priority passengers the cabin baggage allowance has mostly changed in a positive way. The previous 35x20x20 sized bag has been replaced with a 40x20x25 sized bag. The only downside is the potential need to buy a new larger bag. Of course you can continue to use your smaller 35x20x20 bag.

Ryanair baggage rules for everybody else

If you don’t buy priority boarding the rules are going to change. You will  be able to bring on the new larger 40x20x25 sized bag but you will no longer be able to bring the 55x40x20 on board. NOTE this means your ticket only includes the smaller bag!

If you wish to bring the old standard 10kg bag with you it will cost €10-12/£10-12 and the bag will be checked. With the bag being checked you’ll need to take it to the check in desk but you will now no longer have to worry about the security liquids limits. It should be obvious you will also have to wait for your bag when you arrive.

If you haven’t bought priority boarding and bring a second bag to the gate you will be charged €25/£25 to be gate checked.  £20/€20 at the bag drop desk. More than twice times the fee to have the same bag checked. Also not to be ignored “Priority and 2 Cabin Bags” cost between €6/£6 and €10/£10 if bought with your ticket making it the  cheapest choice even if you don’t need the other benefits.


Travel light

If you travel light with minimal baggage the new rules may not affect you. If on the other hand you currently are at the limits for baggage the new rules will likely affect you. At the very least you will need to decide between priority boarding or checking a bag. The question becomes more complicated if you are flying with valuables or electronics. Neither of which should be checked. Remember also batteries should not be checked. In addition it should be noted every single checked bag is weighed. It may be a good idea to pick up a cheap luggage scale to avoid any purchases pushing you over the 10kg limit.

Ryanair cabin baggage update September 6th

Yes Ryanair has updated its cabin baggage rules again. They’ve now announced that any one having purchased a ticket prior to the change will get their 10kg cabin bag checked for free. Note this was only for tickets bought before the change was announced.

Ryanair cabin bag update

That means if you booked a ticket prior to September 1st you can now take a trolley bag . But you will need to check the bag and pick it up after your flight from the baggage carousel.

In addition if you added Priority boarding to your ticket between September 1st and 6th you will be receiving a refund of the priority boarding fee. You will still be allowed to priority board.

Ryanair has stated you will be receiving emails with this information.

Small bags have started to appear on Amazon

The 40x20x25 bags have started to appear on Amazon Europe. If you can’t wait the UK prices aren’t too expensive. The choices should increase with time.


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Ryanair baggage rules updated August 2018
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Ryanair baggage rules updated August 2018
ryanair baggage rules 2018 updated August 23rd . Dealing with the new rules coming into effect November 1st.
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