Travel insurance for Europe

You’ve done all the fun planning. Picked a destination, a hotel and even managed to find a reasonable flight. Now it’s time to think about¬†travel insurance for Europe. You may not want to think about what might go wrong but failing to take into account the potential risks of your trip could be very expensive. It’s unlikely your current health insurance covers trips abroad. Even if your health insurance provides coverage abroad it may lack features like repatriation. It can be highly expensive to be flown home after an accident. You may require a¬† nurse to fly with you or you may not be able to sit in a normal seat. Having repatriation cover can save you not just thousands but the hardship of organizing all the details.

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Even if your trip doesn’t involve risky activities a simple case of a food allergy might hospitalize you. Or a clumsy step could sprain an ankle.

Your travel insurance can cover more than accidents. You can buy protection for lost or delayed baggage. Canceled flights. Or even over booking.


Your travel insurance won’t likely cover on going treatment or tests. If you have a need for planned medical visits your average travel insurance isn’t likely to cover them.

Nor is your insurance likely to cover risky sporting activities. If you are engaging in sports considered dangerous you will need to make sure your insurance covers the activity. Some destinations are considered more hazardous and may require specialist insurance.

Like all types of insurance you should read closely what is really covered by the package. Check what deductible you’ll face. An insurance plan that doesn’t cover what you plan to engage in is not worth buying.

If you travel often you may be better off considering an annual plan.

Travel insurance for Europe

Travel insurance for your European or other trip shouldn’t be an afterthought. The relatively small additional expense can save you from a financially crippling expense if the worst happens.