Understanding Ryanair new cabin baggage rules

Starting the 15th of January  Ryanair is changing its cabin baggage rules. The new ryanair new cabin baggage rules may catch you out if you haven’t been paying attention to the news.

Easy stuff first

Let’s start with the easy stuff first. If you’ve booked Priority Boarding, Plus, Flexi Plus, or Family Plus nothing changes. You can still bring your two bags onto the plane. Assuming they meet the size rules.

55x40x20cm for the larger bag. 10kg in weight

35x20x20cm for the smaller.


New rules

Now we get to the changes.  If you have only booked a seat you can still bring the same bags onto the flight. But only the smaller one will go into the cabin with you. Remember this small bag is supposed to fit under the seat in front of you. The larger 55x40x20cm bag will be put into the planes hold for you.  This will happen at the boarding gate and be free of charge.


If you need anything during the flight it should be in the smaller bag you will take onto the plane. In addition you should not put valuables into hold. There exists a small chance that your bag will be delayed or even lost.


Ryanair checked baggage


You should refer to the above link but there are some obvious problems.

You must not include in Checked Baggage money, jewellery, precious metals, keys, cameras, computers, medicines, spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses, watches, mobile phones, tablets, personal electronic devices, negotiable papers, securities, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, tobacco or tobacco products or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents or samples.



You likely put many of those items into your cabin bag. Not mentioned but lithium batteries like those used in phones and computers are also better to not put into the hold. Either put those items into your smaller bag or don’t bring them. Things like your laptop are not likely to fit into a 35x20x20 bag. If it’s important to bring a laptop or other large item with you then you will have to select priority boarding.

The  Ryanair new cabin baggage rules are not that hard to understand if you’ve flown with Ryanair in the past. If you haven’t spend a few moments making sure you understand the rules to avoid a nasty surprise at the boarding gate.