Ten photographs of Italy

Italy isn’t just one of the most visited countries in the world it’s also one of the most photographed. Photographs of Rome,Venice,Florence,Pisa or Siena are in the travel memories of many people around the world. In spite of it’s relatively small size you can easily find enough photographic opportunities to keep you occupied no matter the time of year. I intend to provide you a little inspiration by posting a bit more than ten photographs of Italy. The photographs will cover different cities and different times of the year.

Photographing Italy

There are two important things to keep in mind when planning a photographic trip to Italy. Italian cities really benefit from wide angle lenses. You cannot expect to backup. The other thing to remember is to photograph while the tourists are sleeping. Get up early and stay out late.

  1. Bring the widest lens you have. 20mm or wider in full frame terms
  2. Plan to be out at sunrise while the rest of the hotel is snoring.
  3. Tripods are normally banned indoors and don’t expect to use them outside during the busy part of the day

From behind the Campidoglio you’ll have a view of the Roman forum that the tourists who try and speed date the city will never see.

From Gianicolo hill you’ll see the famous view overlooking the city.  Used in various movies and TV programs over the years. The area also includes a leafy park to keep cool during the later part of the day.

Photographs of Florence

Florence is the renaissance city best known for its art and iconic bridges. Easily reached from Rome by train. From Piazzale Michelangelo overlooking the city or from along the river Florence is a city that will draw your photographic eye.

Photographs of Venice

Venice is a city like no other. Not just a simple island surrounded by water but the famous canals all provide a multitude of photographic opportunities. Venice also rewards you waking up early and staying out late. Venice is easy enough to reach by train from the rest of Italy.

Photographs of Pisa

Pisa and it’s Piazza dei Miracoli fills the photo albums of tourists from around the world. Make sure to arrive early to avoid the tourists.

Photographs of Siena

Siena is the last city in the list of ten photographs of Italy. Siena may not have the renown of Florence of Pisa but it can be the most enjoyable Tuscan city.