Budget travel camera

You’ve spent countless hours planning your once in a lifetime trip. Reading guidebooks. Asking questions on forums you didn’t even knew existed. Now you’ve decided the once in a lifetime trip deserves a better camera. Unfortunately the budget is tapped leaving you looking for a budget travel camera. What to do?


The obvious idea is to scour your local shops looking for sales. The hope being you find something acceptable for a price that won’t break the already creaking budget. If you’re lucky this might work. The problem with sales is the camera on sale this week or the next may not be the camera you want or need. You risk having to make compromises you would rather not make.


Used can be a great alternative. The problem with used is finding the right camera for sale at the right price. If you have a trustworthy local camera store browsing their used display case can be a good investment in time. Unfortunately today many local camera stores have closed. You could try Ebay, Craigslist or other similar person to person websites. If you feel confident in what you are buying once again these can be good options. But remember in most of these sales it’s up to you to know what you are buying and to ask the right questions. It can be difficult to get any sort of warranty in these purchases.



It may seem bleak but finding a good used camera isn’t that hard.  One trustworthy camera shop that has survived is KEH. KEH is well known for it’s conservative grading on used items. They are large enough to have a wide range of items. Both consumer and pro grade items. They have fair prices. A solid return policy. If it sounds like I’m a happy customer it’s because I am. While many of us return to KEH because of the extensive used  selection they also sell new cameras and lenses.

 Shop Featured Deals at KEH Camera


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One way to fund not just your new camera but your trip is to sell any camera equipment you currently aren’t using.  KEH being a large seller of used photographic equipment needs to regularly buy more.  Clearing out your closet might get you a little closer to your dream camera.

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