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British Airways has dropped checked baggage from ten long haul routes on it’s new BA Basic Economy class.  From London to Austin, Boston, Delhi, Denver, Dubai, Hong Kong, Oakland, Philadelphia, Punta Cana and Singapore. These flights will be up to £60 cheaper per leg. That’s up to £120 return.   The tickets include a fairly generous carry on limit and for most tourists it’s unlikely you’ll even need to check a bag. You will be allocated a seat but will still receive meals.

British Airways hand bag allowance

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If you had intended to take a shopping trip it’s even possible to buy BA Basic for the departure and buy the standard BA Economy for the return. In this way getting a checked bag for your purchases.

If you travel light it’s hard to find fault with the new offer. Reality is even if you over pack the 23kg weight limit is so high the vast majority of travelers will have no trouble with traveling carry on only.

British Airways is part of the IAG that also includes Iberia,Vueling and the new discount carrier Level. It seems obvious that Iberia will follow British Airways if it turns out popular with flyers.

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