Vueling checked baggage

Popular low cost airline Vueling has changed it’s checked baggage rules. The changes include allowed weights and prices. If you are trying to pick a low cost carrier the rule changes may swing you towards Vueling.

        • ­ 15 kg bagFrom8.00
          ­ 20 kg bagFrom10.00

          ­ 25 kg bag

          Included Optima and Family

          From15.00 €50.00
          ­ 30 kg bagFrom25.00

The lower prices are if you add the bag before getting to the airport either using the Vueling app or website. If you wait until getting to the airport there is a flat €50 no matter the size of the bag.

You will also notice those prices are the starting price. Your actual price will depend on the destination. Expect longer flights to charge more. Also expect flights with a large amount of checked bags to charge more.

Optima and Family fares will now include the 25KG bag in the price.

Tailored to fit

The main positive is Vueling now offers four different weight classes. You should even be able to mix and match . If you expect to buy souvenirs. A lighter bag for the outbound flight and a heavier one for the return. Or if you are going to a self catering sun and sand holiday bringing a heavier bag on the outward flight and a mostly empty bag on the flight home.

If nothing else the new weight classes from Vueling will make luggage scales more popular.

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