Ryanair Launches 2019 Customer Care

Ryanair has announced a string of improvements aimed at customer satisfaction.  Ryanair’s 2019 customer care initiative includes a series of steps that they believe will improve the passenger experience.


  • Lowest Fares – find a cheaper fare within 3 hours, get paid the difference plus €/£ 5 MyRyanair credit
  • Punctuality – deliver 90% target (excl. ATC) or 5% off following month’s air fares
  • New Max Aircraft – new interiors, more legroom, more seats, greenest aircraft – April
  • Customer Care Charter – EU261 claims processed in 10 days, new 24/7 support, connect in 2 mins
  • Care Improvements – 48-hour free of charge grace period for changes to bookings
  • Environmental Improvements – carbon offset programme & plastic free in 5 years
  • New Ryanair Choice – €/£199 annual fee for free seats, fast-track & priority boarding for freq. guests
  • Digital Improvements – new fare finder, sports tickets, bespoke travel guides & faster mobile

The new Boeing Max aircraft

will take to the skies come April. The Boeing plane seats 197 passengers an increase of seventeen. It’s reported to be more fuel efficient and therefore more economical for the airlines. The Max also are supposed to have larger overhead bins. It’s unlikely Ryanair will yet again change carry on rules . But for those bringing cabin luggage should expect a little more space with the Boeing Max.  Expect these larger planes to likely show up on the busier routes first.


Announcement of Ryanair exercising it’s options on new Boeing 737 Max


The commitment to allow free changes

with in 48 hours is welcome and likely the biggest real improvement for most passengers. No more panic attacks if you accidentally misspell a name. 

The new frequent flyer program aka Ryanair Choice

may interest those who mainly fly Ryanair but if your local airport has a competitive choice of airlines it might not be worth tying yourself to the airline. 

The commitment to go plastic free

can only be applauded but one wonders why it’ll take five more years.

Most importantly their doesn’t seem to be anything obviously negative.

European budget airlines


Ryanair official announcement




Ryanair Launches 2019 Customer Care
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Ryanair Launches 2019 Customer Care
Ryanair Launches 2019 Customer Care
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