Altilia Saepinum

Italy has many well known archaeological sites.  Altilia Saepinum is one of the many little known sites. If you travel around Europe you’ll often find badly maintained Roman sites with long lines and expensive entrance fees. Altilia Saepinum has neither. You are far more likely to feel lonely then crowded out. The site includes the stone walls, the town gates, a well preserved theater,the forum, basilica, and various other areas. The site is well over two thousand years old.


Altilia Saepinum may be one of the few Roman towns mentioned by the NY Times that you won’t need to elbow out a fellow tourist. NY TImes on Altilia Saepinum





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The site is found just outside the modern town of Sepino,Campobasso. It’s relatively easy to drive to the archaeological site. Unfortunately the only reasonable way to get to the site is by car. The drive from Rome can be easily over three hours. There is ample free parking at the site.


More information

More information in Italian

Video of Antiquarium di Saepinum

The above video is a virtual walk around the site. You’ll see a few of the larger ruins . It’ll also show a total lack of crowds


No entrance fee

The site represents one of the few Roman sites with no entry fee. No waiting lines. Outside of remoteness no obstacles to enjoying the history of the area.

In comparison.

That video is a walk of far more famous Roman ruins in Rome itself.


Planning for Rome Italy


If you’re in the planning stages for Rome Italy the above link will help you with the basics. Including what to book in advance and links to the official booking websites.

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