Prado museum free admission. Worth it?

You are in Madrid. You have some extra time. You have been told the Prado is a must see. Problem is you aren’t sure if your interest stretches out to the full €24 entrance fee. At this point you notice the free admission at 6pm allowing you two hours to visit the museum for free. YES Prado museum free admission. Nothing is better than free right? Or is it?

The free admission comes with long lines. The lines are long enough that if you show up at 5pm you won’t be at the front of the line. Much later than five and you’ll find yourself behind a lengthy queue.

If you have the time arriving at the museum at 5pm or so will allow you to be in a reasonable spot in the line. The line to get a ticket. That’s right the queue that can be over a hundred people at 5.30pm isn’t the queue to get into the museum. It’s the queue to get a ticket. A free ticket but it’s still the queue for the ticket office. After you receive your ticket you’ll need to walk around the corner to the entrance and queue to get in. In other words the first queue is a queue to queue.

You will have to decide for yourself if Prado museum free admission is worth the time you will need to invest. Truth is the line for the ticket office does move fairly quickly. Problem is the combination of the two lines eats up valuable time inside the museum. They also clear the museum ten minutes before closing. That means if you are at the end of the line you will be lucky to get ninety minutes inside the museum. You’ll also need to ask yourself if you want to be standing there in the hot summer sun or in the winter cold.

Prado museum website

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Prado museum free admission. Worth it?
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Prado museum free admission. Worth it?
Prado museum free admission. Worth it?
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