Month: December 2017

New year’s resolutions 2018

Travel more Resolve to travel more. Travel slower Resolve to spend real time in each location you visit. Don’t be a humming bird flitting between flowers never really taking the time to enjoy the garden. For many trips the cost of transport represents a significant portion of the total. The more you jump around the less you see while spending more. Go off the beaten path Resolve to be independent. Don’t be afraid to make a different choice. If your heart is calling you to go against the herd do it. Lead don’t follow. Pack light Resolve to downsize....

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Travel photography. What should matter to you

Holiday gift time is around the corner. Some of you may be thinking of buying a new camera for an up coming trip. Either a standalone camera or a phone the discussion is the same. I would like to give you a few things to think about. Before Before you wear out the credit card ask yourself a simple question. Is the problem your current camera? Or is the problem the photographer. Be honest with yourself. Shiney new equipment is nice to unbox. It can even impress the friends but unless you’re at the limits of your current equipment...

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Hotel booking guide

Location The first rule in real estate is always location. Booking a hotel is still real estate. The same emphasis on location exists. Unless you work from home you commute and odds are you hate it. You dread your morning commute. The drive home is only made enjoyable by the knowledge you are heading home . If you don’t enjoy commuting at home why would you want to commute on your vacation? A simple easy to remember rule of thumb is if you can’t walk from the hotel to most of the sites you hope to see the hotel...

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Creating your own vacation package

Daunting It can be daunting planning your first trip. Worries about hotels , travel connections and even what to see fill your head with unfounded fears. Start with yourself It may sound strange but before you can plan your trip you need to know yourself and  if applicable your travel companions. I don’t mean in the mystical sense. You will need to define how long you have. You will need to define your interests. You will need to define worldly limits like a budget or physical limits. Be reasonable If your vacation is seven days trying to cram in...

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