Watersports in Jandia Fuerteventura

Catamarans on Playa Matorral

Another good day in Jandia

Beaches of Barcelona Spain

Platja Barcelona

The urban beaches of Barcelona

total more then 4km.  Starting with the older beaches near the W hotel they proceed along the coast. Backed by a promenade that allows you to walk the entire length of beaches. At times the beaches seem to meld into each other. Flowing in a seamless way.

Urban beaches aren't remote isolated deserted beaches by their very nature. Don't expect to be alone. Don't be surprised to have people near you . Or to have people playing volleyball. Enjoy the company and the related chaos.  If on the other hand you demand solitude then reconsider going to a city beach.

Before heading out to the beach remember to pack a few things. A beach towel , water and sunscreen being obvious .  The beaches do tend to have bars selling food and drink. You'll also face the occasional illegal seller who are easy enough to ignore. In some areas loungers can be rented for the day but you don't need to.

If you've forgotten to pack a towel Decathlon.es has a large store in the city centre. They sell everything from towels to swimsuits and anything else you might want for a day at the beach. The price range starts at the cheap end and goes up with quality. But if you only need something for the day the cheapest are usually more then good enough


Sant Sebastià starts the list of beaches. The stretch from Sant Sebastia to Barceloneta is closests to the touristy parts of the city.  Early in the morning the beaches are still mostly locals without huge crowds. Later in the day the crowds increase. If you want an a more relaxed experience best to arrive early



There are a couple of websites from official Barcelona providing information on the beaches


Is the tourist website. Providing information on far more then just the beaches.




Is the city website. Also providing a range of information but geared less to tourists and more to locals.

Both websites are offered in English .


The beauty of a sleeping Barcelona Spain

A day in Playa Matorral Morro Jable Fuerteventura Spain

A day on Playa Matorral Morro Jable Fuerteventura.

Starting at sunrise and progressing to mid afternoon. Sand,ocean,sun,watersports and beach walkers.




Sunrise in Fuerteventura Spain with ocean sounds for a background.


Playa Matorral Jandia Fuerteventura part II

Playa Matorral Jandia Fuerteventura

Is a large sandy beach. Stretching for kilometers. It's fairly wide at points reaching more then several hundred metres of width.  Very relaxed and peaceful. Even when the beach is busy it's not crowded. You'll find sun loungers for rent but you'll also find long stretches of free sandy beach. 

Along the beach activities include surfing and sailing. 

Beach walkers take advantage of the long expanse to wander . Just a reminder you'll have to walk back.

Playa Matorral is an easy walk from the near by hotels.  You will need to take the path that crosses the nature reserve ( Saladar de Jandía)  don't even think of crossing at other points.  The area is protected and fragile. You may see birds. 


You'll find various life guard stations on the beach. Pay attention to the colour of the flag they display. The waves can get quite strong. It should go without saying heed the instructions of the life guards.

The beach is wide open and can be windy.  The loungers are protected by wind breaks. If you're staying for a few days the shops also sell small wind breaks to use on the free sections of the beach.