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Playa Matorral Jandia Fuerteventura part II

Playa Matorral Jandia Fuerteventura

Is a large sandy beach. Stretching for kilometers. It's fairly wide at points reaching more then several hundred metres of width.  Very relaxed and peaceful. Even when the beach is busy it's not crowded. You'll find sun loungers for rent but you'll also find long stretches of free sandy beach. 

Along the beach activities include surfing and sailing. 

Beach walkers take advantage of the long expanse to wander . Just a reminder you'll have to walk back.

Playa Matorral is an easy walk from the near by hotels.  You will need to take the path that crosses the nature reserve ( Saladar de Jandía)  don't even think of crossing at other points.  The area is protected and fragile. You may see birds. 


You'll find various life guard stations on the beach. Pay attention to the colour of the flag they display. The waves can get quite strong. It should go without saying heed the instructions of the life guards.

The beach is wide open and can be windy.  The loungers are protected by wind breaks. If you're staying for a few days the shops also sell small wind breaks to use on the free sections of the beach.





Beach dreaming

When you're sitting at home dreaming of the beach

You need some visuals to make the daydream that much more inspiring. 


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Staying connected when visiting Italy

Mobile data while traveling

We should start with the easy stuff. The EU as of June 15th 2017 has eliminated most roaming for EU residents.  What that means is you can use your phone within the EU the same way you would at home. There are some exceptions so it would be best to check with your carrier but for the most part you can now not worry.


For non EU visitors there are choices. The first likely the easiest but most expensive is to contact your home carrier and see if they have a roaming package to use. For a short trip or if you only expect to use your phone for a limited number of voice calls this can be a good choice. Paying $2 a minute is still cheaper if you're only making one five minute call.

If you intend to use your phone for data or just want peace of mìnd the more economical choice is to buy a local SIM. This requires an unlocked phone. If you don't know if your current phone is unlocked ask your carrier. If it's locked you can just insert a new SIM. If it's locked you will either have to get the phone unlocked or consider buying an unlocked phone.

If you've decided to go with a local SIM there are choices. 

At the moment Wind.it offers ITALY TOURIST PASS. The offer provides 2GB of data and 100 minutes of voice all for €10. The offer provides twenty eight days of service.  Now we come to a bit of gotcha. To activate the offer you need a SIM. The SIM will cost you €10. If it's not clear that means the real cost of the four weeks is €20. Still likely much less then your local carrier will charge for roaming.

Vodafone.it offers 300 minutes of voice,300 SMS and 2GB of data. It also costs €30 including the SIM.  It's more expensive then the Wind offer. It does provide more voice minutes. Most people don't have a need for either the SMS or the extra voice minutes. It also doesn't include calls outside of Italy. The offer has a twenty eight day duration. 

TIM offers TIM for Visitors. It's €20 plus an additional €10 for the SIM. In other words a total of €30. The offer provides 4GB of data and one hundred minutes of voice.  The offer allows you to use your minutes to call with in the EU but calls to North America or non EU Europe have a cost. The Tim offer has a duration of thirty days. 

Fontana del Tritone

Time for the caveats. The obvious differences are the minutes and data allowance. If either of these matter to you then that might sway your choice.

The Tim offer is slightly longer. If you're staying for twenty nine or thirty days it obviously makes the most sense.

The biggest caveat is all these offers can and do change. Your local carrier may change their offers. You should always check the current offers before leaving home.

I would also suggest printing out the offer you are interested in and bringing it to the shop.

The final point. The price difference aren't huge between these three plans. At most €10. You may wish to just go with the shop closest to your hotel.