Fanfara bersaglieri

Fanfara Bersaglieri Florence

The Florence section of the Bersaglieri played for an appreciative crowd in piazza della signoria. The marching band of the Bersaglieri performed their famous renditions before marching off. They played in uniform wearing their distinctive feathered hats.

Festa Polizia municipale Firenze 2017


held an event to celebrate the 163rd  anniversary of the creation of the municipal police force.  On hand various members of the force. In addition mounted carabinieri. Various persons in period costumes.  Drummers and trumpeters were part of the parade that started out the event.  Held October 9th in front of palazzo vecchio. 

Florence municipal police
Florence period costumes
Florence municipal police
Florence police event
Florence municipal police
Florence municipal police
Group shot municipal police

Florence Italy again