Vueling is having a black Friday sale

But not just for Americans. They're having a sale for the UK also

Prices start at €19.99 for flights between 11/12/2017 - 20/06/2018

Tour of Pisa Italy in 4K

Attractions of pisa italy

From the leaning tower, the duomo, the Battistero to the river. Including views of the river and street scenes.

Google Flights Beta

Google has released a beta version of Google flights. The new version can be found at

The search tool allows you to search for one way,return or even multi city trips. Sort by price,flight duration or departure time. You can limit the search to different airlines or alliances.

You can even save and track searches if you aren't sure if the current price is the best. Saved search will show a price history to see if prices are climbing or falling.

In addition to the obvious search tools there is a map option allowing you to click on cities. The map allows you to see any cheap cities from your selected departure airport.  Useful if you're looking for a cheap weekend getaway and aren't sure of which destination to pick.  Or if you want to compare nearby airports to see if they're more convenient. 

The older classic version of the search tool is still available at

You can compare the two versions yourself seeing which you like best

Watersports in Jandia Fuerteventura

Catamarans on Playa Matorral

Barcelona and it’s markets . A photographic visit

La Boqueria market Barcelona Spain
La Boqueria Barcelona Spain

La Boqueria

Is Barcelona's most famous market. It's also the most touristy one. While at opening time you will find the market almost abandoned by the tourists as the day progresses it'll become more and more shoulder to shoulder tourists.

But Barcelona is a large city. The advantage of a large city is the range of choice.  Mercado de Santa Caterina , Mercato Di Sant Antoni or Mercat de la Barceloneta are not so well known . The fact these markets are almost unknown to the average tourists tends to mean they are real local markets serving residents of the surrounding areas.

Tourists shouldn't feel they have to perform a pilgrimage to La Boqueria. Braving the midday crowds and seeing little more then the back in front of you. If you feel the need to visit the La Boqueria go early when it's just opening.

Opening time at the la boqueria
Opening time

Another good day in Jandia

Gifts for Travelers 2017

The Holidays

are approaching. You may be almost finished with your gift shopping or you may be struggling to even start. How about a few ideas for the people on your list who like to travel?

Lets start with the lower cost smaller items. Good enough for stocking stuffers or to give yourself a well earned gift.

Long flights or train rides leave you with time to fill. Physical books are heavy and take up valuable space in your luggage. Why not get something free that you can add to your phone or tablet to read electronic books? The FREE Kindle app lets you read your ebooks on the device of your choice.


Not much point having an electronic device with a dead battery.  Even if your current charger can handle worldwide voltage changes a small extra charger is something you can slip into your pocket and use at the airport or train station . All without much cost

Unless you're charger has the right plug for your travels you'll need an adapter plug. In most of continental Europe a two pin adapter will handle your electronics. MAKE sure to CHECK your device can handle the voltage at your destination. The power supply,power block or the device itself will have a little section describing the input requirements. North America is 110V 60Hz. Europe is 220V 50Hz. Even if most devices today are multi voltage get into the habit of checking. The few seconds you spend will save you an expensive mistake.

Is somebody on your list hyper organized? Maybe you like to keep everything neat and tidy. Packing cubes give everything a place and everything in it's place

A money belt can give a traveler a sense of safety. Unfortunately some people seem to think a money belt is a large wallet. If you are using a money belt it should be out of sight and out of mind. Don't access it in public. Don't have it visible. Don't dip into it for money. A money belt is something you access in the comfort and safety of your hotel room or other private spaces. Think of it like a piece of underwear. You'll know it's there but nobody else should see it.

Have you ever wondered how much your suitcase weighs? At home you likely have a few scales that can check the weight for you. But when you are away from home buying the odd gift or souvenir the weight of your case becomes a bit of a guessing game. A small pocketable scale can save you an expensive episode with at the airline check in desk 

Checked luggage really needs a lock. A lock can even be helpful on your backpack while you wander the city. Problem is many locks today have gone to combinations. Between pins,phone numbers and everything else in a modern life remembering a combination you might use a few times a year ends up a struggle. Keyed locks avoid that problem.

A travel kettle gives you an extra level of autonomy. Useful if the hotel room or apartment you're staying in lacks a kettle. Can be used for more then just tea. Make sure the kettle you get is dual voltage so you can use the kettle both at home and abroad. 

Have you ever been in a dark strange hotel room fumbling for the light switch? Or maybe a dark hallway? Or worse just trying to find your way back to the hotel in the dark. A small USB LED flashlight solves problems you hadn't even thought of before leaving home. Charging with a normal USB charger it saves you the hassle of shopping for batteries while on vacation.  Small and light enough to slip into your pocket when you leave the hotel . 

One final stocking stuffer. A battery bank can save you if your phone battery dies while outside. It'll charge your phone far from any outlet. The battery bank itself can be recharged by your normal USB charger. Potentially a lifesaver if you're lost. Small enough to not weigh you down.